Orthodox Motorcycle Association (OMA) is an Orthodox Christian brotherhood dedicated to unmercenary service and security. Established 2019 in Detroit, Michigan by Joshua “Maestro” Jobst, OMA is the support club of DOC (Dead Orthodox Club, the highest level within OMA). His vision is Orthodox men riding for Christ and helping each other be the best men we can be in Christ. Heal men, and you heal the family and the nation. The motorcycle is a metaphor and symbolizes masculinity and freedom. Riding motorcycles is Orthodox (modern-day Kozaks riding iron horses in symphonia), brotherhood, healthy masculinity, trust-building, therapeutic, American, freedom, cool, and fun.

OMA provides security, safety, service, outreach, education, transportation, love and compassion without discrimination to local communities and beyond. We strive to transform American culture and go out to “the least of these” in society. We welcome all people without judgement and proudly ride our motorcycles across America, witnessing to the grace-energy-power of the Holy Spirit, proclaiming the healing and transforming power of Jesus Christ through His visible Body, the Orthodox Church, and protecting and helping those in need: especially suffering men, women, children, homeless, sick, mentally ill, and struggling folks. Please pray for us and support OMA today for an Orthodox America!